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The young people participated in the whole cycle of the event, from processing of applications and making of the schedule, to the preparation of performers and group leaders.  The tasks were adapted to the specific qualities of every volunteer and his expectations of the training. The main aims of the project were: to give an opportunity for exchange of good practices for organization of cultural events between the three Balkan countries, encouraging cross-border cooperation in the field of volunteer activities, prevention from any form of discrimination. The project contributed for the popularization of the Erasmus + program among the local population. The participants had the chance of discussing the newest tendencies and methodologies for education in performance arts.

The partner organizations Rok Initiative – Serbia and Center for volunteers – Skopje – Republic of Macedonia send six volunteers from Serbia and four from Macedonia, chosen by their experience with working with children, organizing of events and English fluency. Two of them were people with social and economic disadvantages. The mission lasted for 25 days and the volunteers were accommodated in hotels, together with the participants.

28167917 1696249543787677 1526731740767779039 nThe 25th International art festival “We XXI century” took place between 17 and 24 of August 2017 in Sunny beach resort. More than 350 performers from different nationalities participated. Children and young people between 5 and 25 years took part in the competition program, interactive games, master classes, multicultural evenings, music seminars and fun activities. In result of the project the volunteers developed their team working skills and abilities to manage big cultural events. The project gave the opportunity to the young people to have fun and learn more about the Bulgarian culture and history. The volunteers also enjoyed the beauty of the Bulgarian sea cost and made long lasting friendships.



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